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Affordable Gift Ideas to Thank Your Host

Nicole Baker

Posted on March 20 2019

Affordable Gift Ideas to Thank Your Host

If you’re looking to mix things up after falling into the inevitable bottle-of-wine-as-a-gift rut, we are here to help. Your host is opening up their home for you, so you better show up with something special for them. Convenience store wine isn’t enough. It’s really not.

Our inexpensive thank you gift ideas aren’t just affordable. They’re thoughtful. After all, hosting a party takes a lot of work. Wouldn’t it be great to show your hosts how much you appreciate their hospitality with a unique gift?

Don’t count yourself out either if you are the one hosting a party this year. There is nothing wrong with a little self-appreciation. Before your next get-together catches you off-guard, here are some thank you gift alternatives to cheap wine and supermarket pastries.

inexpensive thank you gift ideas

Picture Frames & Wall Décor

In the age of aesthetically pleasing homes, original home decoration ideas are often the way to go. They’re opening their home for you, so why not leave behind something for them to remember your visit? A common misconception is that home decor is expensive. However, there are plenty of cheap gift ideas that will earn you a place in your host’s next house party.

Like with decorative soaps and scented candles, one can never have enough picture frames. They’re the means by which we give those we care about a place in our own home. No one has ever said “Another picture frame? Really?” And even if they have, it was probably ugly. And why would you give them an ugly frame?

One look at the #homedecor tag on Instagram shows you that home wall decor art is where it’s at. It’s just a practical, stylish way to infuse spaces with personality. Be them statements on life or mere cute designs, there is a piece for every personality type. Is your host more of a rustic wood person? Does their home call for the chalkboard-like finish? Are they minimalists at their core? Whatever the style, there’s something for them.

Mugs, Cups, & Drinkware

We all have our mug, right? You know the one. That mug you don’t like anyone else using because it’s your special mug. Well, wouldn’t you like to be the source of such an item for your hosts? Steer clear of dull, generic cups and present your host with worthy drinkware. The more unique the design, the more unconventional the shape, or the funnier the caption, the more special the mug will be. They’ll be sure to think of you with every sip of morning coffee.

How about water bottles? After all, who uses plastic water bottles anymore? No, we all carry our own reusable bottles now. And since we all have one we take everywhere, it’s good to make sure our bottles are each unique and match our personal style. There are bottles of all colors and patterns. Upon looking them one is sure to make you think of whoever you’re finding a gift for. Your hosts will appreciate this thoughtful, stylish, and environmentally conscious presents.

Jewelry & Jewelry Boxes

There’s something inherently romantic about jewelry boxes. They’re decidedly vintage, yet infinitely practical. We use them to keep some of our most prized items safe. Why not give one as a thank you gift to your hosts? Jewelry boxes can be either ornate or subtle, with plenty of styles in between for you to find the perfect one for a present.

Just like a jewelry box is a good present, so would be jewelry to store in it. Earrings, necklaces, and rings are simple, affordable gifts that give you plenty of options. Accessories like these are outlets for expression and personality. If you know your hosts well enough, jewelry that you know matches their style is the perfect present.

Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

Regardless of what you’re planning on getting the host of next week’s party, what you’re looking for can probably be found at shop daisy lane. Like the title says, the site is the perfect place for you to find affordable gift ideas. The detail-oriented nature of the wide variety of presents available will ensure that your gift to the hosts is sweet, personal, all the while remaining affordable.

Head over to to check out the full range of inexpensive thank you gift ideas available. You are sure to find something to what you’re looking for. You’ll never have to arrive at a party with a cheap bottle of wine again.


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