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Written by Adam Lafi


Posted on March 27 2019

“Chill” is a word with multiple meanings. One of the newer meanings is how it means “cool” or “calm.” “We’re chilling at his place,” or “we’re just going to Netflix and chill.” The more traditional meaning of the word is “a bit cold outside.” In many places in the country, that’s how it feels outside right now. Spring is on the verge of becoming summer, but the mornings and nights can still get quite cold. In this blog, we’ll showcase some of our popular new cute cheap tops for days when the air is still a bit brisk.

Cute Affordable Tops: Leopard cozy Knit Cowl Neck Hoodie

When one hears “hoodie,” they may think of something unfashionable, bulky and big. Our hoodies are the opposite of that. For example, our “leopard cozy knit cowl neck hoodies” are sleek and sexy. However, they’re also plenty warm, too. You know what our name is and what that means, but sometimes that name means more than others. For example, with this particular item, the regular price would be $52. $18 is quite a step down from that. You can have an entire dinner and a movie with the money you save.

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Sweaters for Spring

Sweaters don’t have to be large, cumbersome items you wear out in the sparkling snow. Instead, they can be stylish and ready for spring, too. For example, our “Carolina Blue knit lace-up sweater” is ready for absolutely any kind of event. These sweaters are warm, but you can wear them loosely, too. That makes them perfect for a day that starts off cold and then starts to warm up. Of course, you’ll be plenty hot in this sweater, as they fit perfectly on any body type.

Off the Shoulder

When the temperature can change throughout the day, you want to wear something that will be comfortable no matter what it lies outside. Our “black off the shoulder top” is exactly that. Long sleeved and 100% acrylic, it will keep you warm when the temperature is low. However, should the temperature rise, then you’ll be ready for that, too with the fully exposed shoulder. These are one of our many spring and summer outfits that will be appropriate no matter what the weather is like or where your adventure takes you.

Knit Poncho Top

The poncho is a top that’s really become more popular in recent years. In a seemingly very brief period of time, they’ve become much more fashionable. The burgundy knit poncho top gives off a bohemian vibe, while still being formal enough for practically any spring function. What makes this article of clothing unique is that it loosely but still shows off your figure, too. Elegant and subtle, this poncho top is made of 78% cotton, so you know that it will stand the test of time.

Just saying the words “lounge cardigans” out loud makes one feel more comfortable. You can feel the luxury and softness right away from this remarkable cardigan. What makes this so great for chilly spring days is that you can wear something underneath it. Then, if it gets too hot, you can take the cardigan off. Of course, should the temperature drop again (which certainly happens all over the country during this time of year) then you can put the cardigan back on. As this cardigan costs half of what it would elsewhere, you can store the money you saved in your pocket – literally.

A vest doesn’t have to be a dour, formal thing. Our gray crochet fringe vest looks fun and informal no matter where you wear it. The crochet gives this vest a bit of elegance, while the wide-open design gives you the wearer quite a bit of freedom. Similar in many ways to the black crochet short sleeve poncho, these items are great for those days when you’re unsure what the temperature is going to be, but you’re sure that you’re going to look great all day long.

When people think of “spring,” they tend to think of the flowers sprouting and blooming. We have plenty of great floral outfits, too. Our knit floral twisted hem top has a bold floral design that’s backed by black. That means that it stands out during the bright spring months, and be worn well into autumn, as well. These tops that we’ve mentioned above are just the highlights of our new tops. A quick perusal through our site will show you that there are many others available, as well.

You don’t have to wait for the spring days to warm up to look great. Instead of wearing your bulky, overly warm winter clothes during the mildly chill mornings, all you have to do is chill out and find something at our site shop daisy lane .




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