Cute Affordable Womens Dresses

Written by Adam Lafi


Posted on May 01 2020

We know that you want affordable womens dresses. However, we also know that you want these dresses to be cute. If a dress is really inexpensive but doesn’t look great, then it still lacks value. You can get a dress for free, but if it isn’t something that you’d actually wear, it sure isn’t worth it. So, that’s why we always offer dresses that are yes, less than twenty dollars, but are also the kind of dress that you can be happy to wear in your own life. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of our newer dresses, which you can wear any time of year.

Affordable Women’s Dresses for All

With each of our dresses, we give you the price, but we also give you what the dress would be worth if you purchased it elsewhere. For example, our newest dress or romper (as of this writing) is the “Short Sleeve Ombre Shirt Mini Dress.” It’s part dress, part shirt, all cute. If you look carefully at the listing, you’ll see that there’s a grey number which has been struck through. That’s the original price of the dress. For this one, we’re selling it for $18, down from $34. That extra $16 will look great in your purchase, which will certainly go well with this true to size dress.

Women’s Dresses for Real People

If you look over our site, we use models to show the dresses, and how they’ll fit on your body. That being said, we make dresses for regular people. That’s why we mention what size the model is wearing. This way, you can better imagine how the dress would fit on your body. For example, for our “Min Dress With Button Down With Halter Nick and Spaghetti Strap,” it says at the bottom “the model is wearing a small.” The more information we can give our customers, the better equipped they will be to make the best decisions.

Cute Affordable Womens Dresses

Dresses for Warm Weather and Beyond

As of the writing of this blog, it’s February. In much of the country, that means snow, cold, and winter conditions (regardless of what any groundhog in Pennsylvania says). We have plenty of dresses that will look great year round. Some of them, like the “Sleeveless Tassel Tie Lace Trim Midi Dress” will look great when the summer sun shines, but will also light up any room in the winter months, too. We offer clothes that you can wear in a variety of situations.

Dresses of all Sizes

We want as many people as possible to get a good deal on a great looking dress. That’s why we offer dresses in many different sizes. It’s not always easy to find something in every size. We offer dresses in small, medium and large. That way, the maximum number of people can find a dress that fits them perfectly. We want you to feel great about how your dress looks. With many sizes to choose from, you can find a dress that best fits your boho lifestyle.

That said, we know that phrases like “small,” “medium,” and “large” can seem vague and interpretational. That’s why we say that the “size and fit” for so many of our dresses is “fit is true to size.” That means that the “small” fits like a small, as do the “medium” and “large.” Our “large” doesn’t fit like someone else’s “small,” it fits like an actual “large.” You can trust these size and fit details because they eliminate the guesswork.

If you click on the “Dresses and Rompers” tab on our site, you’ll find that we have so much more to offer in addition to just the traditional idea of a dress. One of our more popular newer pieces of clothing we just got in is the “Denim Long Sleeve Button Up Tunic.” This particular tunic has a wholly unique look and feel, on account of its length and denim look. For many people, denim can be hard and constrictive, so this tunic only has a denim color – it’s actually made of 100% cotton.

Of course, like so many other products, when you purchase it from us, you’ll be getting it for half off. This tunic is available for $18, fifty percent of $36. Amazingly, that makes it, on average, one of the smaller bargains on our site. Many of the women’s dresses we offer sell elsewhere for far more than double the price that we sell. That is one of the biggest advantages to shopping with us: we make sure that you get more than just a good deal; you get a good product you’ll be proud to own.

The dresses mentioned above are just a few of the ones we offer. To see our complete collection (as well as many items that aren’t dresses) head to our site or Stop at one of our stores Locations; San clemente or Balboa Island 



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