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Gift bags ideas – Shop Daisy Lane

Adam Lafi

Posted on May 02 2020

Gift bags ideas – Shop Daisy Lane

Here at shopdaisylane, we’re not just about offering a wide range of inexpensive gift ideas and some of the best gifts for less. We also have endless ideas to help you get the maximum fun out of everything.

We have a huge and beautiful selection of gift bags, if we do say so ourselves. But why use a gift bag at all? Why not just stick with gift wrapping paper? Well, first of all, a gift bag from our collection is going to give your gift an unique, fabulous look without costing you a fortune.

Simply choose one of our value for money gifts. Then, add a gift bag that complements the gift’s color scheme and you’ve got yourself a slick, expensive-looking gift for a fraction of the price you might have paid elsewhere. It’s that easy. 

Online gift bag ideas

The beauty of online gifts is that you don’t have to go searching from store to store to find something for your friend or family member. You can simply sit in the comfort of your own home (or work, we won’t tell) and choose from our amazing gift ideas and gift bags. Then, we’ll have them expertly delivered to you in double-quick time. In very short order, all of your gifting challenges will be over.

Gift bags are also a winner when it comes to reducing our footprint on the planet. There’s no shame in using a gift bag again and again. That’s something you can’t do with wrapping paper. In fact, we at shopdaisylane believe in reusing and recycling as much as possible. So, apart from using a gift bag for its original purpose, what else can you do with them? We’ve got plenty of ideas.

Gift bags ideas


Choose the right gift bag, and you’ve got yourself a colorful accessory to go with your outfit.

Lunch bag

Instead of stuffing your lunch into your handbag and risking the contents spilling all over the place, put your lunch into a gift bag for a nifty tiffin carrier. Match it to your outfit for a win.

Book cover

Instead of sticking to brown or white paper covers for books, repurpose your gift bags to give your books an edgy, creative look while protecting your precious books.

Magazine or newspaper holder

If you have magazines and newspapers lying all over the place, things can look a bit messy. Gift bags make excellent magazine and newspaper holders. Keep a bag full of magazines in appropriate areas around the house. It can add a sophisticated look to your home.

Shopping bag

Instead of purchasing a bag when you go shopping, take a few gift bags to the store for your shopping. It’ll stop you from wasting money on new bags and go towards protecting the environment from unnecessary plastic.


If you really end up with more gift bags than you can possibly use, there are plenty of places that will gladly take them off your hands. Schools, orphanages, and charities will usually be delighted to receive your extra gift bags.


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