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Written by Michaela Reed


Posted on April 04 2019

Gift Ideas under $20 for All

Sometimes, the hardest gifts to buy are for the people who you aren’t the closest to in life. You aren’t going to buy your administrative assistant a five karat gold necklace, for example. However, you also don’t want to give them a $2 lottery ticket or something. Threading that needle to find gifts for the people you see day in day out who maybe aren’t your closest friends can be far more difficult than it has to be. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Our entire site is built around the idea of gift ideas under $20. Below, we’ve showcased a few of our more unique selections.

Gifts Ideas under $20: Car Charms

Most of us spend more time in our cars than we might realize. Our car can be our sanctuary, a place where we go to get away for a while. We have several different car charms available that can make someone’s car more their own. Moreover, when you give these car charms as a gift to someone, they’ll be thinking of you every time they look at it. We have all different kinds of car charms.

For example, we have an elephant car charms that never forget to make your car a sacred place. Owl car charms will bring a smile to the face of anyone who looks at them.  “Purple Eye Rear” car charms keep the car safe while looking backward. While these car charms may be strictly decorative, it’s possible they’ll bring the recipient good luck, too.

Gift Ideas under $20

Catch a Dream

Many people don’t know the exact origin of the dreamcatcher legend. It’s not that the dreamcatcher catches a dream for you. Rather, it’s that a dreamcatcher protects a person. The idea behind a dreamcatcher is that it catches the bad dreams in its web, letting the good ones pass through. That way, the person who sleeps underneath the dreamcatcher is never plagued by nightmares or a poor night’s sleep. A dreamcatcher is a wish.

We have many different designs of dreamcatchers to choose from. For example, the “five snow beauty” dreamcatcher brings winter’s chill to a spring day. “Midnight feather” dreamcatchers have a more traditional look, while the “snowflake tassel mini” dreamcatcher goes practically anywhere. You can put these in your car, by your bed, or anywhere you’d like. More than just good luck charms, these dreamcatchers are aesthetically pleasing and fit in with basically any stylistic choice.

Signs and More

Wood signs have a style all their own. These signs can go with any kind of style or décor. They can stand up by themselves, or they can be hung on the wall. That means that you can have them on your mantle, your fireplace, your desk, your table, your nightstand, or anywhere else you’d like to make a statement or even have a bit of inspiration. We’ve specifically chosen signs to offer that could appeal to the widest range of folks possible. That way, you can find a sign that’s just right for someone in your life or even for yourself.

One of our newest, more popular signs right now is “Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be a Mermaid Then Always Be a Mermaid.” Of course, as it’s a well laid out sign, it doesn’t just say that in one continuous sentence. Instead, it has five different lines that force you to read it as it goes down. These are great for people of all ages. Mermaids are actually a common theme in our signs, as you can also find our “Mermaids Need Coffee Too” signs are quite popular.

Mugs worth a Hug

Depending on the person, a coffee mug can play an important role in a person’s life. It can be a part of their daily routine. Indeed, for many people, this is the part of their day where the day truly begins. We have several different coffee mugs that can appeal to all different sorts of people. Our cute animal coffee mugs appeal to a certain type. Many folks would love to start their mornings with a turtle, llama or smiling whale. Of course, the coffee mugs that say “This is Probably Wine” are also making a bold statement about their day as well.

We understand that not all of you would want to buy the people in your life mugs, signs, dreamcatchers and charms. That’s why we have so many different kinds of gifts to choose from. Towels, wine bottle stoppers, tops, dresses and more – you can practically decorate your entire house and fill out your wardrobe closet simply by going through our site. Best of all, you could do all of that without having to spend a lot of money, either. shop daisy lane See all the gifts we have to offer right here.



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