Happy Valentine's Day!

Written by Sofia Harris


Posted on February 14 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day to our Daisy Lane customers! The most romantic day of the year has finally come! If you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and to have fun. How will you be celebrating V-Day this year? Historically, Valentine’s Day is the feast day to celebrate Saint Valentine. Much later on, Valentine’s Day became the romance filled holiday that we know it as today. We are so ready for the love in the air today!

We’ve shown you the best Valentine’s Day candles and romance and love inspired gifts and home decor that you need for today. Now that you have all the candles for the perfect ambiance and sweet gifts for that special someone, you have to make sure you look the part. Go for the sexy, chic look in the Red Plunge Knit Top. This gorgeous top, in a deep red shade, will be the perfect top for V-Day. With a plunge neckline and tie detailing in the center, this unique top will wow your date. If you’re going for a more bold look for this Valentine’s Day, wear the Plaid Mini Dress. The bold red and navy plaid print will give you a pop of red for that Valentine’s Day feel. 

If you’re looking for a more subtle pop of red, the romance color, then wear the Lace Trim Padded Bralette in mauve. Nothing says V-Day like a little pop of red lace. You’ll want to wear this trendy bralette way after Valentine’s Day. If you go with Daisy Lane, you can’t go wrong for this love filled day!

Everyone here at Daisy Lane wishes our customers a lovely Valentine’s Day! Take this special day to spend time with friends, family or your significant other and be grateful for all the love. Inhale the sweet scents of your Daisy Lane V-Day inspired candles, clothes and gifts.



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