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Heartfelt Affordable Gifts

Michaela Reed

Posted on April 28 2020

Heartfelt Affordable Gifts

It’s not always easy to buy affordable gifts. That’s true for men or women. The last thing you want to do is give someone something that feels meaningless, last minute, or “tossed off.” You certainly don’t want to give a woman something she already has or will have no use for. Whether you’re shopping for the most important woman in your life or a co-worker that you’d like to give a nice gift to (or everyone in between) you can find an appropriate gift here at Shop Daisy Lane. In this blog, we’ll go over some different kinds of gifts we recently got in.

Affordable Gifts for Everyone

Wooden signs with inspirational sayings are useful gifts in multiple ways. They can serve as reminders of better times when a woman you know is having a rough day. By that same token, they’re fashionable too, making an artistic statement for anyone who happens to see them. We have an extensive list of these, appropriate for all different kinds of women in your life. We have skinny wooden signs that say “When you’re here, you’re family,” “how sweet it is to be loved by you,” “this is us,” “believe in yourself, ‘”choose joy,” “we call this place our home” and “live more, worry less.” You can find a wooden sign that’s right for a woman you know, as these are right for all different sorts of relationships.

Magnets and Coasters

Magnets and coasters make great token gifts as they serve multiple purposes. Magnets can hang important reminders on a fridge or in other locations, while also looking good and making a statement. Coasters protect important pieces of furniture in addition to adding to the overall ambiance of a room. We have an extensive collection of magnets and coasters, each with different sayings and designs. “Be a Pineapple: stand tall wear a crown and be sweet” is a fine message, as is “together is a beautiful place.” You can find those both on magnets, as well as a striking photo of two chairs and an umbrella at the beach on a cloudy day. Above the photo is the simple message: “Relax.”

Heartfelt Affordable Gifts

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks, like the cast iron wall hooks we offer, are a perfect example of utilitarian art. They look great; they’re ornate and come in four vibrant colors. In addition to that, they’re perfect for hanging up all different kinds of items. Robes, towels, purses, coats and more – no matter what article of clothing you’re trying to hang, they can make sure that it looks great when you take it off of the hooks. They can be particularly useful as of this writing, since it’s early February. When a guest takes off their heavy winter coat, they want to be able to put it back on in the same shape they took it off in. These wall hooks can help to make that possible.

Box Signs and other Types of Wall Décor

Box signs are becoming more and more popular. With so many great designs and sayings available, it’s easy to see why. They can sit on the floor, on tables or in other areas. They can be stacked on top of each other, for an eye-catching artistic display. They can even hang on the walls, too – making them a larger, more attention-grabbing version of the skinny wood signs. We have a deep catalog of box signs, so that you can find the message that says what you really feel.

“I love that you’re my Dad,” “Call your mom,” “I wear flip flops all winter,” “inhale love, exhale gratitude,’ “I just want to be a stay at home dog mom,” “love is being stupid together” – obviously, not all of these box signs are appropriate for everyone. But, you can find the box sign (or other kind of wall décor) that is absolutely perfect for one woman in your life. These make gifts that are perfect stocking stuffers.

After all, think back on the holidays you’ve had: for so many of us, the gifts that we cherish the most aren’t the large, big ticket, highly expensive items. Instead, it’s the small things, the little gifts, the heartfelt gestures that showed how someone we really care for truly cared for us, too. All of the gifts we listed above do that. Some show how much you care for your soul mate, some for your parents, some for just a co-worker or colleague who you really respect and admire. At Shop daisy lane, you can find a gift for any woman (or really, person) in your life. To see our complete collection of women’s gifts, head to our site Additionally, you can shop at one of our locations daisy lane Balboa Island or daisy lane Downtown San Clemente 


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