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Written by Michaela Reed


Posted on April 10 2020

As of this writing, spring has officially sprung. March 21st has come and gone, ushering in a new world of warmth. Everywhere you look; there are flowers and birds, clear signs of renewal and growth. If your wardrobe isn’t quite ready for the new warm days, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll go over some of our hot new affordable women’s tops. These are some of our newer tops that will make sure you light up any event you enter, all spring and summer long.

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All Kinds of Cheap Women’s Tops

Of course, when you come to our site, you know how much our tops are going to cost. It’s important to note that while these tops are “cheap,” they sure don’t look that way. Many of these have the same fashions and styles that you might find in other stores for several times the prices. However, there’s no prize for spending more money to look good. Nothing’s more fashionable than having plenty of money in your wallet, which is where these tops come in.

Tank Tops

Few shirts are more appropriate to the warmer months than the tank top. It walks the fine line between “revealing” and “reserved.” You can wear them in practically any situation and they’ll always be appropriate. One of our more popular tank tops right now is the “sleeveless tiered tank top with spaghetti straps.” Ours are white blue, which means that they come in a light, summery color. There’s something about a tank top that makes the person wearing it look more youthful and fun.

Halter Top

The halter tops we have just keep going. The shoulders make it a shirt for summer and fun, while the buttons give the shirt a formal feel. With a bold navy color, our “sleeveless top with button and string” halter top is right for almost any occasion. You can wear this on a casual day to work, a fun brunch with friends, or a hazy summer night party. If you were to buy these shirts anywhere else, you’d pay at least an extra eight or so bucks. Now, you can put that money in your pocket and spend it how you’d like.

Off the Shoulder, Off the Hook

Off the shoulder, tops make for a perfect combination between “tank top” and “traditional top.” Our bright navy top has a striking blue color, making you the topic of conversation wherever you happen to go. While you’ll notice that the name of our company is “shop daisy lane” we don’t mean that everything we offer has to cost $19. In fact, these shirts (among many others) cost far less than $19. This off the shoulder top only costs $11.99.

Rust may not be good for your car or home, but it sure looks great on your body. Our “rust cut out string tank” is one of our more popular new tops. The “rust” color has a warm orange tinge to it that isn’t too bright. As it’s a darker orange, it can go with practically anything while still standing out. As with many of our clothes, it’s made out of a great combination of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. That means that these rust shirts never depreciate, and will look great for a long period of time.

There’s nothing old or dainty about crochet, particularly not when it comes to our “pink strappy crochet tank top.” These shirts have an elegance about them while maintaining that tank top sense of wonder and joy. The light color with just a hint of pink is the kind of thing that you can wear to the park, to the beach, and go anywhere else a spring or summer adventure may take you.

Not all of our spring and summer tops have to be dainty, however. Our “plaid cold shoulder” top looks like something you could wear on one of those less than summery spring days when there’s still a bit of a chill in the air. However, just because it’s a little bit cold outside doesn’t mean you have to settle for being anything less than hot: these shirts take the best of plaid and combine it with a sexy off the shoulder look.

These are just a sampling of the inexpensive women’s tops you can find at our site. While these tops are new, they’re only “new” as of this writing. By the time you read this and go to our site, a whole new batch of women’s tops will be new. We always encourage folks to check our site often as we’re constantly updating it with the best clothes for our customers. To find the right tops for the right price during spring, summer or any other time of year, check out our site.



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