How to Accessorize the Minimalist Way

Written by Sofia Harris


Posted on August 17 2020

We love the minimalist look here at Daisy Lane. Less is often more, but how do you accessorize while still maintaining that simple style? Over the top accessories won't work for our minimal gals, but we are here to help. Here are some tips and tricks on how to accessorize the minimalist way.

Don't Be Afraid   We love minimalism here at Daisy Lane, but never shy away from one bold accessory when the rest of your look is more simple. If jeans and a tee is your go to look, try adding a statement purse to go with it. Here's the deal: pick a larger, more simple bag or a smaller, printed bag with a pop. For a smaller purse, we love the leopard print purse. This trendy bag enhances your look, while keeping everything neutral with a muted animal print. If you're looking for a something a bit bigger try the bucket bag

How to Accessorize the Minimalist Way

Jewel It Up   Jewelry can make or break any outfit. Don't clutter your look with too many clashing metals. On more casual days throw on just a couple of pieces, such as earrings and a ring or a necklace and a bracelet. On more posh days, go by this rule of thumb: One piece of jewelry per area. This means a set of earrings, one necklace, one bracelet and one ring. If you're feeling like adding more jewelry, you can certainly layer more Daisy Lane pieces. Add a pop of color while still staying simple with this gold turquoise necklace or a dainty initial necklace. Statement earrings don't always have to be the first thing that catches your eye. These rose gold wreath earrings  are subtle, while still flaunting your stylish side.

How to Accessorize the Minimalist Way

Hats On   Adding a hat to your look is an unexpected way to pull the outfit together. The lieutenant hat  will do just that. This hat has stayed trendy past just one season and is popular for a reason! It's just so cute and versatile. Pair this lieutenant hat with a denim skirt and tank and glamorize your minimalist vibe the Daisy Lane way.   

How to Accessorize the Minimalist Way



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