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How to Accessorize Your Halloween Costume

Sofia Harris

Posted on October 16 2020

How to Accessorize Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and here at Daisy Lane, we believe in celebrating that, regardless of if you can participate in trick-or-treating or not. Halloween is a truly magical time of year. The weather gets chillier and things get a bit spooky. Costumes are the natural way to celebrate such an occasion. Sometimes the most important part of a costume are the accessories, things you might not notice right off the bat, but they create that nuance you need in a great Halloween costume. 

Here we will show you a few jewelry pieces that will work perfectly for a couple of different costumes that will give you that mysterious vibe for Halloween. With just two weeks until Halloween, get started on your costume today at Daisy Lane. 


The most classic Halloween costume of all time has to be the witch. Being a witch for Halloween is always a great idea because you can do it at any age and make it your own. Once you've got your hat and broom, you'll need to add the finishing touches. Since there are so many different takes on the witch costume, we'll give you a few options for what to add to it. The Rose Gold Moon Dangle Earrings give that ominous and mysterious look with the crescent moon. The rose gold is faceted, so it will shine in the moonlight. The dangly charms coming off of it only add to its glitter in the night. If you're looking to add a witchy amulet to your costume, try the Blue Quartz Genuine Stone Necklace.

Fortune Teller

If you can see a crystal ball in your future then the fortune teller costume is for you. Being a fortune teller for Halloween is always so fun because of the interactive aspect. Since you'll be up close, telling people's fortunes all night, you'll need some distinct accessories! The Turquoise Raindrop Adjustable Ring is just the thing you need. This big and bold ring will draw people in with its intricate details and color. Every fortune teller rocks the most unique jewelry. 


If you're a beach lover, like we are, then being a mermaid for Halloween is a must! Once you've got your tail and extra long beach waves, you'll need to accessorize. Tell tales of the beautiful sea while wearing the Mermaid Earrings. These beachy earrings feature gold mermaids holding star fish and a blue gem bead at the top. Match these earrings with the Turquoise Pineapple Ring. This unique ring features two pineapples facing opposite directions adorned with gems and a turquoise tint for that beachy look. If this isn't for a mermaid then what is? 

Fairy Princess

The fairy princess costume, like the witch, is another classic Halloween look! This works for people of all ages, especially if you have a kid! Like most costumes, there are so many ways to do this costume. But you can accessorize any version of the fairy princess costume with these pieces. The Three Tone Multi Star Dangle Earrings  feature three chains of stars in gold, silver and a darker silver tone. When you put these on, it'll look like there are glittering stars coming down from your ears. These are beautiful for the everyday, as well as your Halloween costume. 


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