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How To Dress For Working At Home

Sofia Harris

Posted on August 08 2020

How To Dress For Working At Home

Working from home has become a familiar part of life for many people now with COVID-19. Why not dress the part? While wearing pajama bottoms and a collared shirt for Zoom meetings may work for some, here's the guide on how to dress for success from home.

Loosen up. There's no need to wear those uncomfortable slacks all day. There is some middle ground between slacks and pajama pants. Here's where the flowy, wide leg pants come in. There's something about a wide leg pant paired with a fitted top that fits into the professional lifestyle. Update this look with wide leg overalls. These will liven up your work from home day with playful polka dots. The best part is these make the outfit, just pair them with an understated top and you're good to go. 

Dress it up. Maybe you love working from home because you get to leave the office wear in your closet, but dressing up at least once a week can keep your spirits up. If you keep it comfy most days, then pick one day of the week and make it your dressier day. Don't forgo accessories either. Pair a dress, like this black sundress, with some gold jewelry to give you that mid week pick me up. 

Make it a one piece. Keep it simple with a jumpsuit or romper. There's no use in finding a matching top and bottom when you can alleviate morning stress by throwing on a one piece like this floral jumpsuit. Daisy Lane has tons of rompers and jumpsuits to keep your work from home days easy going. If you do go with a one piece, make sure it has a fun print or something to make it pop on those Zoom meetings.

Transition home space to work space. While this may not be fashion related, it's an important one. In order to work from home efficiently, you have to fix up your space a bit to reflect a more work oriented environment. Daisy Lane not only has the perfectly work from home clothes, but decor as well. Shop the home decor section and find those pieces to change up your work space. Add a mini succulent  like you had in your office or discover that new work mug for your coffee. 


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