How to Keep Your Beverages Cold Anywhere

Written by Sofia Harris


Posted on October 20 2020


BrüMate is doing something that no one else is doing; keeping your beverages cold. Everyone has experienced how unfortunate it is when you’re at the beach or an outdoor event and you realize your white claw has gone warm. Nothing tastes worse than warm beer or wine, especially on those scorching summer days. Daisy Lane now carries the answer to your predicament. Now you can choose from a variety of different styles and colors of insulated glasses for every kind of alcoholic beverage. Certain styles will work best for certain beverages. Here we will break down each style and show you how best to use these insulated beverage containers for everything.


The Uncork’D is made for wine. Shaped like a traditional stemless wine glass, the Uncork’D is perfect for using at home or when you’re out. These 14 oz wine glasses fit over half a bottle of wine in them for your convenience. Daisy Lane features four sun shades; Glitter Gold, Glitter Mermaid, Glitter Violet, Ice White and Walnut. The Uncork’D comes with a lid to keep those red wine spills at bay!

Hopsulator Slim

The Hopsulator Slim will be your go to beer glass. This fits a 12 oz slim beer can perfectly. Just pop your beer in the Hopsulator Slim and watch your beverage stay icy cold. White Claws have been one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the last couple of years and the good news is they’ll fit just right in the Hopsulator Slim. 

Imperial Pint

The Imperial Print makes the for the most versatile cocktail glass. Say goodbye to condensation and messy glasses when you ditch your regular glass for the Imperial Pint. Keep your beverages icy cold in either the Glitter Rose Gold or Glitter Charcoal shade. Never forget which beverage is yours with the Imperial Pint. You’ll be able to spot that fun color anywhere. 

NOS’R Nosing Glass

The Nos’R Nosing Glass is so sleek which makes it perfect for whiskey, scotch or bourbon. BevGuard technology prevents any dilution with melting ice, so you won’t miss a sip of your scotch. This unbreakable glass is perfect for travel and really highlights the complexities of a good whiskey. Enhance the aromas of your bourbon, scotch or whiskey in the Nos’R Nosing Glass. 

Check out the Stainless Steel Straw to sip with your beverage! 



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