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How to Wear White for Labor Day

Sofia Harris

Posted on August 20 2020

How to Wear White for Labor Day

While the old rule about only wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day may be outdated, Daisy Lane is here to give you the tips and tricks to add more white into your wardrobe. White is so neutral, but it can be difficult to incorporate into your look. Here's how to wear white for Labor Day weekend and all year long.

Depending on what you're doing this Labor Day weekend, you may be sporting a fancier dress or keeping it casual with shorts and a tank. Here are two sample outfits you could sport for this weekend, one casual and one a bit dressier.

Keeping it Casual   If you're staying in this weekend and just hanging out, you can certainly still go with the white trend. White denim shorts are an easy way to add white into your look while still keeping your options open for tops. Daisy Lane has two pairs of shorts that are ideal for the weekend. If you're afraid to be too bold with your white, break it up with the floral embroidered white short. If you dare to go bold, try the more classic version, the double button white denim short. Add a plain white tee to either of these shorts to complete your white-on-white look. If you're not feeling that all white look, grab your favorite, slouchy tee and add a white lace bralette underneath for a little pop. 

Get Dressy   When you see family or friends this weekend or have a social distance gathering, you might just want to show off your new vibe. Don't be mistaken for a bride in your white dress, instead add a touch of color. The ombré shirt dress is a great option for those just dabbling in the white trend. The blue seeping into the white breaks it up a bit. This dress will be worn way after Labor Day. Another option would be to throw the high low tank top in ivory over jeans. Changing it up with an off white color will help transition this outfit into fall. Add a sheer white kimono over any of these looks to wow everyone. 


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