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Kitchen Decor Ideas

Sofia Harris

Posted on December 10 2020

Kitchen Decor Ideas


Home is where your kitchen is, so why not make it beautiful? The kitchen is where many of us spend so much time. While you’re cooking every night, it might be nice to look at a fully decorated and customized kitchen. One of the best ways to do that is by adding fun, kitchen decor items! You don’t have to make drastic changes, just add a few items to spice things up while you spice your dinner. Dish towels can be the easiest way to beautify your kitchen. Daisy Lane has just gotten in a ton of new dish towels! Below we’ll show you the best dish towels to make your kitchen a bit homier. Our dish towels make great gifts for the holiday season as well!

California Dish Towel

Calling all our California lovers! The California Dish Towel features the state outline with embroidered border details. Inside the state of CA, there are intricate designs and illustrations relating to the great state of California! Daisy Lane is known for our California roots and we honor that in our products! Whether you live in California or know someone who does, or you just love our state, get this special dish towel and admire it everyday in your kitchen! 

Mama Needs Some Wine Dish Towel

If you’re a mama that needs some wine then this dish towel is for you! This hilarious dish towel features a black base, perfect for wiping your hands, and a wine glass with the sentiment, “Mama needs some wine,” in bold letters! When drinking wine with friends or family, this cute dish towel will certainly become a topic of conversation. 

Colorful Eye Dish Towel

The Colorful Eye Dish Towel is for our unique and artistic Daisy Lane customers! This dish towel features abstract, colorful eye designs and a fun fringe trim. This beautiful dish towel will complement any kitchen and bring the color to it! 

Follow Your Heart Dish Towel

Bring the love to your home and a little color with the Follow Your Heart Dish Towel. This orange dish towel features the “Follow your heart,” sentiment in a Scrabble tile style lettering, with the words intersecting. This inspirational dish towel will be sure to wow your guests every time you have company! Or, give this loving gift to a friend or family member.

Beach People Dish Towel

Ah finally, the beachy dish towel. The Beach People Dish Towel features an aqua colored base with the words in white lettering, “We’re beach people,” and a wave underneath the words. Just a little reminder that no matter where you are, you always have the beach with this dish towel. Bring the California beach vibes to your kitchen with this colorful dish towel.


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