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Less than $20 Gift Ideas for the Season| Inexpensive Women’s Dresses  

Michaela Reed

Posted on June 08 2020

Less than $20 Gift Ideas for the Season| Inexpensive Women’s Dresses  

All of us have people in our lives that we should buy gifts for that we have no idea how to buy gifts for. In this, we aren’t typically talking about your parents, your spouse or anyone like that. Rather, we mean your co-workers, your administrative staff, your colleagues, the people on your bar trivia team – people that you have a relationship with. These gifts have to meet a very narrow but important criterion: they have to be nice enough that the person will appreciate it, but not so expensive that the person will feel put on the spot. Here at shop daisy lane, we have plenty of less than $20 gift ideas for you to choose from.

Less than $20 Gift Ideas: Pillows

A pillow is one of the most useful gifts you can give a person. They can come in handy basically every single day. In fact, it’s hard to get through a good day and night without a pillow. Even if the person you give the pillow to never sleeps on it, they could still get plenty of use out of it as an aesthetic or stylistic piece. Many of our pillows are cheeky and fun, giving a glimpse into the owner’s personality. Giving someone a pillow is a great way of giving them a gift they’ll appreciate and actually use.

$20 gift ideas

Great Pillow Designs

One of the more unique pillows we have for sale right now is the “Let the Currents Guide your Heart” pillow. It says that while showing what looks like a whirling wind gale. Are there faces in the wind? Only you can determine for sure. This is the kind of piece that’s perfect for someone in your life who appreciates fine things.

That being said, not all of our pillows elicit deep thoughts about ourselves and our place in the world. Some make a bold, funny statement. A clear example of this is our new “Kinda Pissed About Not Being a Mermaid” pillow. We dare you (or any of your houseguests) to not even smile as they pass this one. This is perfect for a beach house or anyone who wishes they had one. Beyond simply being unique and fun to look at, these pillows are plenty comfortable, too. Made out of cotton and polyester, these pillows are the kind of thing you can rest your head on for a moment and before you know it, you’ll have had a great nap.

Plants and more

Flowers bloom in spring and all the color comes back to the plants outside. However, many of us love the vibrant greens of lush plants but aren’t such big fans of having to take care of such plants to make sure they’re vibrant and green. That’s why an artificial plant in a paper-wrapped pot makes for such a great gift. It would look absolutely fitting on a colleague’s desk, particularly during the winter months when no plants can grow. We put these in a paper-wrapped pot, but they can easily be transferred to another pot.

Succulent Succulents

Of course, it’s easy to find a great plant that people enjoy that also doesn’t require a lot of care: succulents. To make the succulents even more delectable, we’ve put them in “faux critter” pots. These pots are some of our most popular gifts because literally, everyone is glad to get one of these. Even the most stone-hearted, the business only tough person in your life will absolutely melt at the sight of the “I Turtley Love You” faux critter succulent. These make even the drabbest office space filled with life.

Maybe you aren’t a fan of turtles in your faux critters. That’s OK; we have several other utterly adorable faux critters to choose from. We also have whales and llamas available. Each of them has that same cute, smiling face that lets you know that yes, these faux critters understand just how cute and adorable they are. If you tried to buy something like this in a traditional store, it would cost far more than just the $18 we’re selling them for. At Shop Daisy Lane, we make it easy to buy something for everyone on your list for far less.

What you’ve seen above are just a few of the different kinds of gifts that we have available at our site. You can find gifts for all of the different people in your life. Whether they’d prefer candles, tops, towels, mugs, kitchen frames, dream catchers or more, we’ve got it. Better still, we’ve got them for less than $20. Now, you can buy gifts for everyone that you want to get gifts for guilt free. To see our entire, vast catalog of gifts for everyone, click here



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