Must Have Candle Accessories for Fall

Written by Sofia Harris


Posted on November 03 2020


There's something about the colder months that just calls for candles. They create that beautiful, glowy ambiance that we all want to achieve in our homes. When you come home to a candle burning, it just feels more like home. Candles bring light, warmth and, of course, delicious smells. Daisy Lane has a big candle collection to offer, as well as accessories and holders for your candles. Don't just let your candle sit there on its own. Spice it up with Daisy Lane candle accessories. Here we'll show you what you need to take the ambiance in your home to the next level. 

Blue & Gold Lotus Tea Light Holder

The Blue & Gold Lotus Tea Light Holder will brighten up your home with it's beautiful and colorful glaze. Pop a tea light in this candle holder and watch it come to life. Tea lights definitely need something to compliment them and this tea light holder is just the thing. 

Rose Gold Wick Trimmer

The Rose Gold Wick Trimmer is that thing you would never think of getting, but it is a must have if you're a candle lover! It's truly a refined way to make sure your wicks are always at a safe burning length of 1/4 inch. Skip the mess with wick trimming and do it in style with the Rose Gold Wick Trimmer. Keep it beside your candles to add a little glittering gold to your home. 

Blue Ceramic Rose Tea Light Holder

Dainty and simple, the Blue Ceramic Rose Tea Light Holder will look so understated in your home. Highlight the glow of your candle from this elegant tea light holder. This one is even small enough to keep on your nightstand for those candlelit nights. 

Metal Heart Lantern 

Keep the love burning in your home with the Metal Heart Lantern. The heart comes together with a space in the center for the tea light. Enjoy the beautiful and intricate detailing on the metal while feeling the warmth and glow of the candle in the center. Hang this in your home for the perfect decor piece, even without the tea light. 



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