New Boho Bandeaus

Written by Sofia Harris


Posted on January 04 2021

Boho Bandeaus are some of our Daisy Lane favorites. They’re so versatile, bohemian and comfortable! Which is what Daisy Lane is all about. Boho Bandeaus can be worn 12 different ways, and each way is detailed on the packaging. But, we are pretty sure you could find more than 12 ways to wear it. They’re really that versatile. We have so many Boho Bandeaus to choose from on our website and in stores. Keep reading below to see our new favorites!

Olive Camo Boho Bandeau

You need a little camo in your life! Camo, although not the traditional bohemian print that Daisy Lane is all about, is a classic must have. Wearing a camo shirt or pants can be a lot, which is why the Olive Camo Boho Bandeau is ideal! You can just add a touch of camo for a fun, new look. 

Charcoal Floral Boho Bandeau

Nothing is more classic than the Charcoal Floral Boho Bandeau. This truly bohemian piece features a charcoal background with a unique floral bouquet print. Bundles of flowers in vibrant colors come together for this gorgeous pattern. Simple and oh so boho. 

Pink & Grey Tie Dye Boho Bandeau

Tie-Dye was majorly on trend this year. We love when old things come back into style! The Pink & Grey Tie Dye Boho Bandeau is the perfect way to show off this trend. With vibrant pink, purple and grey shades coming together for this unique tie-dye, you’ll want to wear this versatile bandeau everyday! It’s so easy to add a pop of color to any outfit with this cute bandeau.

Fleece Aqua Floral Boho Bandeau

For this winter you’re going to need a little warmth! That’s where the Fleece Aqua Floral Boho Bandeau comes in! This bandeau is half traditional boho bandeau fabric and half fleece. Again with the versatility, this is perfect boho bandeau for the colder months because you get that fun, floral print and a warm fleece!



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