New Home Decoration Ideas

Written by Nicole Baker


Posted on November 09 2018

With home decoration ideas, it’s important to try and break the mold. If you’ve seen home decoration ideas, it seems to be the same old same old. That’s what we’re trying to break here at Daisy Lane. We want to let in new ideas, bold styles, shake things up – it’s time to do something new in home décor. On top of that, we want to offer affordable home décor, too. You shouldn’t have to sell your home to be able to decorate it. In this blog, we’ll lay out some of our more innovative home décor ideas. Along the way, we’ll point out some of our personal favorites, too.

Home Decoration Ideas: Hooks

Since people had homes and walls, they’ve been hanging decorations on them. One retro idea that’s come back in a big way is hooks. Hooks can be great for a variety of reasons. For example, a hook is a perfect way to hang up a framed picture, painting, or anything else. However, even if you don’t hang anything from it, a hook can be a fantastic decoration all by itself. That’s certainly what our hooks can be. The metal pineapple wall hook is one of our more popular items. The juxtaposition of a sweet fruit like a pineapple in metal form makes for a pleasing visual. These hooks are sturdy and strong with a distressed gold finish. They’re a perfect fit for a kitchen or breakfast nook.

New Home Decoration Ideas

Rustic Hooks and More

Our lives are so busy. Perhaps due to that, there’s something so appealing about harkening back to an earlier, simpler time. Styles that convey a simplicity, a retro or even rural feel are more popular than ever. These styles are even popular in metropolitan enclaves on the coasts, in addition to rural areas in the Midwest. One of our items with encompasses a true farmhouse style is our rustic wall hook. Within the simplicity of this hook lies its strength: you can use it for essentially whatever you want. You can hang something from it, or you can just let it hang there by itself, adding authenticity to your décor as you figure out what to hang from it. You don’t even have to hang anything from it for it to improve your style.

Cute Wall Décor

Many of our home décor items can be considered “cute.” They look great, have a very engaging style about them, and they always bring a smile to you (or your guest’s) face. One piece that definitely does that is our large blue dot that says “HOME” with small lettering beneath it. Coming in a lavish wood frame, the pleasant blue and the word “HOME” immediately catches anyone’s eye. Then, for those who look closer, they’ll see what’s in the type below the word “HOME” – “where pants are stretchy and your Wi-Fi connects automatically.” That’s the kind of thing that makes someone grin as soon as they read it. These kinds of pieces show how you can use fresh decoration ideas to make your house truly your home.

Decorations of Love

The one thing we all want our homes to be filled with is love. That’s why we have pictures of the people we love on the walls. Maybe it’s our kids, maybe it’s our parents, maybe it’s our significant other – but many of us put up pictures of the people we love the most. So, here at Daisy Lane, we have plenty of great frames that can really make the ones you love stand out on your walls. The “Love you like crazy” frame is the kind of thing that’s stylish, romantic, and pretty much guaranteed to make anyone who walks past it go “awwww…”

Some of our most popular wall decoration ideas are our wood framed décor pieces. Many of these have great inspirational and romantic sayings. “I’ll Ride Anywhere with You,” followed by a picture of a bicycle is a good one. “I love hanging with you,” with a clothes hanger is quite great, too. Perhaps the most profound of these is the one that says “I’ll always be there for you” with a picture of an umbrella. This one really captures the idea that, while you may have some rainy days in this house, there’s always going to be someone there with you, protecting you till the storm passes.

Those are just a few of our wall décor ideas. Here at Daisy Lane, we have everything you need to take your home style game to the next level. Perhaps best of all, you can decorate your entire home without having to spend a lot of money to do so. To get the full scope of everything we offer, check out our site.



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