One Week Till Election Day

Written by Sofia Harris


Posted on October 27 2020


Election day is only a week away! It’s crazy to think that four years have already passed yet again. Will you be voting in the 2020 election or have you already? Although many people have already voted, millions will be arriving at the polls next week to determine the outcome of this year's election. Is election day and voting important to you, or is it just another day? Daisy Lane is encouraging people to get out and vote this year! And look good while you’re doing it. Here we’ll show you a couple of Daisy Lane must have items to get you through the voting season! 

USA Stars & Stripes Kimono

Show off your love for the USA with the Stars & Stripes Kimono. This fun, flowy piece is perfect to throw over any neutral outfit to bring those patriotic vibes, anywhere you are. Regardless of who you’re voting for, show your love for your country. 

California Necklace

If you’re a California native like we are then show your love for your beautiful state! That signature California state shape will look perfect on any California girl. Go to the polls in style and be proud that you can vote in the great state of California! 

Pink Hope Color Power Necklace

If you’re really hoping for one candidate to win, then bring the power of intention with the Pink Hope Color Power Necklace. Find comfort in the hope that the election could go your way! Hope while you vote. 

Manifest Roll On Essential Oil

Manifest who you want to win this election with the Manifest Roll On Essential Oil. Boost the power of your manifesting intention and feel a sense of calm go over you when you inhale this heavenly oil. The clear quartz will bring you energy and strength during the difficult time that is election season!



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