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Written by Adam Lafi


Posted on January 31 2019

We at shopdaisylane are in the business of helping you find inexpensive gift ideas for everyone in your life. That includes the most difficult person to please. Even if you’re the most inventive gift-giver, you too might be stuck with what to give someone for that important birthday or milestone event. Well, we think you can’t go wrong with a picture frame.

We have an incredible selection of picture frames from which to choose and they’re priced at a whole lot less than you’ll find them in the store. In fact, when it comes to online gifts, a picture frame is a great idea because they’re quite light to ship and unlikely to break in transit.

An incredible collection of picture frames

Have a look at our picture frame collection HERE for the best gifts for less. Once you’ve chosen from our amazing gift ideas, order what you fancy and have it shipped to you in double-quick time. When you’ve received your picture frame, it’s time to decide what you’re going to do with it.

You could, of course, leave our fabulous custom pictures inside the frame to allow your loved one to decide what picture to put in it. But one of the loveliest value for money gifts is if you replace the original print with a picture of your own.

Picture Frame Ideas

Picture frames – Gift ideas

Let’s say you’re attending the wedding of a couple you know and they are the kind of people who have just about everything they need. Problem? No way. A picture frame from shopdaisylane, is the answer.

For maximum appeal, place a great photograph of the happy couple in the frame, wrap it beautifully or place it in one of our gorgeous gift bags, and you’ve got a gift that will last your friends the rest of their lives. It’s such a personal gift, so thoughtful, that it can be genuinely unforgettable.

What about your mother, sister or aunt? Are they living far away from you, perhaps? An ideal gift is one of our great picture frames filled with a photo of your family or the grandchildren. There’s nothing more memorable than a gift that gives for life.

Of course, if you have to give a gift to someone you don’t know well at all, a picture frame is once again a fantastic idea. Simply choose a silver frame or one that’s pretty neutral in color, and then make it look like a work of art by wrapping it beautifully and placing it in a gift bag, complete with ribbons and bows.

Although the gift isn’t totally personalized, the recipient will be grateful for the effort and thought you have put into making their day a little happier.

And don’t forget yourself. No home is complete without a beautiful photograph collection. You can place them on a table or shelf, or hang them up in the hall or in your bedroom. Either way, with our affordable selection of frames, you can have your own collection at a fraction of the usual cost. our website is  shopdaisylane.com. Additionally, you can shop at one of our locations daisy lane Balboa Island or daisy lane Downtown San Clemente 



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