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Written by Sofia Harris


Posted on January 17 2021

Our Instagram @daisylaneboutique is going through some changes! For a while, our IG and our online store were not linked and many out of towners who loved our clothes on Instagram would DM us to purchase. Now we’ve started adding more clothing to our website after a long hiatus. You can shop directly on our IG! Daisy Lane is all about bohemian fashion and we are back to what we do best now. 

You can shop directly through our stories and posts! Check our stories and posts daily and if you see something you like (which you will!) you can purchase it and have it shipped anywhere in the US! We are updating our website all the time, so more clothing will keep popping up. Instead of going through the hassle of messaging back and forth, you can just buy directly from our IG to our shop. If you do have any questions, concerns or comments, you can of course DM us.

You’ll love the convenience of shopping from IG directly through our tagged products. But, unlike online shopping from a big company, there will always be somewhere here to respond to your DMs! At Daisy Lane, customer service and customer care is of the utmost importance to us. So, never hesitate to reach out. 

We hope you’ll love our new clothing on IG. If you have anything new you would like to see us put out or any suggestions, comment below! We look forward to seeing you on Instagram.



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