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  • New Unique Home Decor at Daisy Lane

    Daisy Lane is here for you with more unique, bohemian home decor. We are keeping it fresh for spring and we want you to too. With so many new home decor pieces, your home will be in tip top shape for spring. Here at Daisy Lane, we are all about versatility and effortlessness. All of our pieces below embody just that.
  • New Boho Inspired Clothing

    Here at Daisy Lane we are known for our unique, bohemian lifestyle inspired clothing and home decor. We’ve got some new clothing in stock and we are ready to share it with our customers! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your warmer weather closet, then look no further! With dresses, tanks, kimonos and new bottoms, you’ll have your new wardrobe all planned out. You can be sure that all these new styles are free spirited and boho, with just a touch of those trendy beach vibes.
  • Our New Favorites at Daisy Lane

    What’s new at Daisy Lane? Tons of fashion and clothing! Our two favorite things. We’re so excited to show you some new pieces that we know you’ll love. There are so many fun fashion trends to get into now that we are in 2021. Bring some new pieces into your wardrobe in 2021. You’ll love the bohemian vibes with the trendy Daisy Lane look of every piece. Keep reading to see our faves! 
  • New Boho Bandeaus

    Boho Bandeaus are some of our Daisy Lane favorites. They’re so versatile, bohemian and comfortable! Which is what Daisy Lane is all about. Boho Bandeaus can be worn 12 different ways, and each way is detailed on the packaging. But, we are pretty sure you could find more than 12 ways to wear it. They’re really that versatile. We have so many Boho Bandeaus to choose from on our website and in stores. Keep reading below to see our new favorites!
  • A Must Have Basic

    The must have basic item for this season is the bralette! We all know and love bralettes. They have the comfort of a camisole but the support of a real bra! They make any casual look just a bit more glamorous. Daisy Lane is a big fan of bralettes. They can just add so much to any look! Daisy Lane is all about effortless style and that’s where bralettes come in. Keep reading below to discover the best bralettes Daisy Lane has to offer.