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  • Shopping Season is Upon Us!

    The stress of the election is over and that means it’s time to shop! The 2020 Presidential Election was a major cause of stress for some, so let’s celebrate that it’s all over and done with. Shopping is the best way to de-stress, relax and treat yourself, which we all deserve after this whirlwind of a year. 
  • One Week Till Election Day

    Election day is only a week away! It’s crazy to think that four years have already passed yet again. Will you be voting in the 2020 election or have you already? Although many people have already voted, millions will be arriving at the polls next week to determine the outcome of this year's election. Is election day and voting important to you, or is it just another day? Daisy Lane is encouraging people to get out and vote this year! And look good while you’re doing it. Here we’ll show you a couple of Daisy Lane must have items to get you through the voting season!