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  • Black Friday is 2 Weeks Away!

    Black Friday is just two weeks from today! Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Friday, November 27, 2020 will be bringing the sales from every store and Daisy Lane is no exception. The day after Thanksgiving, everyone will be done eating and ready to shop! What’s your shopping plan for this year? What stores will you be hitting and what sales will you be shopping? Daisy Lane is sure to be a part of your shopping plans. With already great prices, Daisy Lane will be offering all the best deals this year. 
  • Shopping Season is Upon Us!

    The stress of the election is over and that means it’s time to shop! The 2020 Presidential Election was a major cause of stress for some, so let’s celebrate that it’s all over and done with. Shopping is the best way to de-stress, relax and treat yourself, which we all deserve after this whirlwind of a year.