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The Power of Roll On Essential Oils

Sofia Harris

Posted on September 14 2020

The Power of Roll On Essential Oils

Discover the power of gemstones and their properties. Daisy Lane wants to share a new product with you: Earth’s Elements Roll On Essential Oils with gemstones. Daisy Lane is more than just a clothing store. Shop our website to find fashion trends and beyond. Choose from a variety of intentions for your roll on essential oil needs. We sell eight different options and here we’ll break them down for you. 

“What can you use the roll on essential oils for?” One may ask. The roll on essential oils have a plethora of uses. They can be applied to chakras or pulse points. Use it during meditation or yoga for emotional and spiritual healing. Each gemstone and blend of oils is meant for a different purpose. Use your roll on essential oils by setting a specific intention or having a goal in mind to improve your spiritual connection. 

Spirit   Amethyst Gemstone w/ Lavender & Sage Oil 

Bring peace to your life. The spirit roll on essential oil will soothe your mind, while stimulating your spirit. Purify your spirit with lavender and sage aromas. 

Protection   Tiger’s Eye Gemstone w/ Palo Santo & Frankincense Oil

Tiger’s Eye is here to protect you. Release fear and anxiety while boosting mental clarity. This roll on essential oil will push you to take action and harness your personal power. 

Passion   Red Jasper Gemstone w/ Cedarwood, Patchouli & Rose Oil

Ground yourself. Reconnect yourself to passion and joy with Red Jasper. This blend will bring strength and insight that will foster new opportunities. 

Manifest   Clear Quartz Gemstone w/ Cedarwood & Orange Oil

Attract and manifest your goals and dreams. The Manifest Roll On will heal while it works. It amplifies any type of intention or energy. 

Love   Rose Quartz Gemstone w/ Rose & Lavender Oil

Promote love. Use this blend to amplify any kind of love, whether it be self love or directed towards a partner. This will enhance your compassion and understanding. 

Intuition   Fluorite Gemstone w/ Patchouli & Lavender Oil

Make good decisions. The Intuition Roll On will improve mental clarity and keep you open to anything. Your energy field will be beyond clear after using this blend. 

Focus   Sodalite Gemstone w/ Peppermint & Lemon Oil

Get in touch with your spiritual side. During hard times, the Focus Roll On will create peace and harmony in the mind. 

Abundance   Citrine Gemstone w/ Frankincense, Geranium & Lavender Oil

Bring prosperity into your life. Citrine is the stone of success. Set the intention of bringing more to your life and this roll on will support that intention. 


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