The Versatility of Boho Bandeaus

Written by Sofia Harris


Posted on September 02 2020

Boho Bandeaus are arguably the most versatile item you can find here at Daisy Lane. Our brand is all about the bohemian lifestyle and Boho Bandeaus are really the essence of those ideals. It’s hard to categorize the Boho Bandeau, as it really doesn’t fit in any category. It is a hair accessory, but it’s also an adorable tube top, face mask, wrist accessory and so much more. 

To be bohemian means to be unconventional in an artistic manner. The unconventionality of the Boho Bandeau is what makes it so great. Normally, we would have separate items for different purposes. We have our hair tie, head scarf, face mask and shirt all separately. But, if you have the option, why not purchase one item that does it all? The Boho Bandeau is the answer to your problems. 

The Boho Bandeau comes in three sizes. The full size printed bandeau is 18” long and 10” wide. The full size solid and tie-dye bandeaus measure 13” long and 9” wide. The half bandeau is 9” long by 10” wide. The two full sized options have 12 different ways to wear them, while the half size has 7 different ways to wear it. The possibilities are endless! 

Boho Bandeaus can be solid colored, tie-dye or printed. There are so many prints to choose from, there is truly something for everyone! From camo, to floral, to rainbow and solid colors, you’ll find a Boho Bandeau for every occasion. They’re only $16, so they’re super affordable! 

As summer comes to a close and the September heat becomes unbearable, wear your Boho Bandeau as a top! It is incredibly lightweight and will keep you cool all day long. Or get your hair out of your face and off your neck and style your bandeau according to the package instructions! It can be perfect for working out as well.

The versatility and simplicity of the Boho Bandeau is what Daisy Lane is all about. Our stores are based on the bohemian lifestyle and our clothing reflects that! Shop tons of different Boho Bandeau styles today. Find all of our Boho Bandeaus here on our online shop. 



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