Thoughtful Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Written by Adam Lafi


Posted on November 23 2018

It’s not easy to buy gifts for people. Even someone you’ve been with for your entire life (or what feels like your entire life) isn’t always easy to buy for. Many of us find that it’s especially difficult to buy for people that we don’t know. If you’ve ever stayed up at night or wandered a mile in a panic minutes before it closes thinking “I’ve gotta find something for this Secret Santa” then you know exactly what we’re talking about. At the end of the day, most people aren’t looking to receive a gift that’s really pricey or expensive: they just want something thoughtful. They want something that says “hey, I was really thinking about you this holiday season.” In this blog, we’ll mention some of our gifts that convey exactly that.

Our Inexpensive Gift Ideas

One thing to point out about all of the gift ideas we have at our site is that they won’t break the bank. so much of what we offer looks like it costs far more than twenty bucks. Indeed, we’ve heard from people who bought gifts from us for a Secret Santa or other gift giving scenario where there was a price limit of less than $19, only to be told that they must’ve spent too much on the gift. When you buy something from us, you’re buying a quality product.

Thoughtful Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Beach and Sun

For much of the country, the holidays take place in cold locations. It’s windy, maybe it’s snowing, and everyone’s shivering. That makes it the perfect time to give a little gift that can remind people of the warmer days ahead. By that same token, many of our “warm weather” small gift ideas are great for that person in your life who loves swimming, boating, the beach, the sand and everything associated with them.  “You’re the Flip to my Flop” hanging signs and magnets, a “Beach Please” keychain, a “You and Me by the Sea” wood sign – each of these little gifts can keep someone warm on a winter’s blustery day.

Inspirational Gifts

One of the best things a small gift can do is that it can serve as a kind of pick me up. It always feels great to be given something by someone else. On top of that, many of the small gifts we offer at our site can be hung on the wall. They contain inspirational, motivating quotes that can pick a person up when they might be having a rough day all year along. We have wood signs with inspirational quotes like the Elsie de Wolfe quote: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” Alternately, you may appreciate the Picasso quote: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” That’s the kind of gift that can give to someone on multiple days.

Small Gifts of Love

You don’t have to give the person you love diamonds or a new car every year to show them how much you care. Sometimes, in addition to flowers and the big gifts, it’s the little gifts that end up meaning so much. We have plenty of gifts that fit that description. For example, our “mermaids drink free” sign is the kind of thing that doesn’t have to be given on Christmas or a birthday. You can give that to the person you love any day of the year, maybe just as a little joke thing between the two of you. That sort of gift giving is the kind of love upon which a strong relationship is based. Love is often in the small gestures, not necessarily just the grand ones.

“You are loved,” “You have my whole heart for my whole life,” “you are mer-mazing” with a picture of a mermaid – many of our small gifts say more in just a few words than the most impassioned speech can. The point of giving gifts during the holiday season is to show how much you care. At our site, we have so many gifts that let people know just what you feel for them. Even better still, these gifts show that without having to empty your bank account to do it. You can go through our site and find plenty of gifts to give those around you. However, don’t forget that we update our site often.

So, when you come back to our site, you may find an entirely new set of gifts that you could potentially give someone. To find these gifts and more, check out our site. Have a great holiday season!



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