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Transitioning To Fall Fashion

Sofia Harris

Posted on August 05 2020

Transitioning To Fall Fashion

Transitioning from summer to fall fashion can be difficult when it feels like your closet is full of tanks, skirts and other skin baring pieces. The question is, how do we keep the summer fun while preparing ourselves for the colder months? It's all about layering and choosing your pieces very carefully. Daisy Lane is here to give you all the tips and tricks you need. 

Summer didn't quite end up being what we expected it to be, so we are welcoming the chill of fall with open arms. The new season approaching calls for a fresh look at your closet. Here are the latest tips and tricks to update your summer closet for fall:

Layer, Layer, Layer

Transitioning To Fall Fashion

Remember in the 90's when women wore white tees under all their tank tops? Well, they knew what they were doing. Summer is all about crop tops and tanks, especially if you live in California like us Daisy Lane gals. Start with jeans or a flowy pant and add a plain white tee, like this Daisy Lane tee. The plain white tee is your base that you can add to with your summer tops. Add a tight smocked top in a fun fall color, like mustard or a hunter green. Black lacy tanks also are a great staple over a white tee or a long sleeved shirt with jeans. Try this striped tank  or this flowy lace up tank from Daisy Lane. 

Keep It Tight

Transitioning To Fall Fashion

Your favorite summer sun dress has a new purpose. The answer to cold legs is add tights. Another play on a 90's trend, black tights under a dress add a dressier, sleeker element that works perfectly for a night out or a professional look. Or even add tights under your favorite summer shorts. Shop outside the box if you want to add a pop with a colored pair of tights. Amp up your look and add tights to this dress. Or forgo the colored tights and add black ones to this layered teal dress.

Keep It Simple

assorted-color shirt hanging beside wall

Fall style is all about simplicity, especially when people may still be working from home. Keep the prints a bit more minimal, unless it's the focal point of your outfit. This printed, yet understated kimono adds a pop to your more simple outfits. Instead, focus on deep neutrals that work well together. Make sure you're emphasizing black, grey, brown, deep green, shades of maroon, while occasionally adding pops of color with burnt orange and mustard. Your go to minimalist top for fall will certainly be this off the shoulder top.


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