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Winter Affordable Dresses for Women

Adam Lafi

Posted on September 15 2020

Winter Affordable Dresses for Women

The warm summer sun. Long walks on the beach in a gentle breeze. Hazy, humid nights under the stars… none of those are happening right now. As of this writing, it’s early February. Depending on where you are in North America, there’s cold, biting winds, and possibly even snow. The idea of the “warm summer sun” can seem quite far away. Of course, summer is coming. Until it does, we have new long sleeved affordable dresses for women (and other items) that will keep you looking fabulous until the seasons change.

Long-sleeved Affordable Dresses for Women

One of our newer and more popular arrivals, the “Burgundy Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress" is something that covers your arms while making sure that your legs look utterly fantastic. This dress has an eye catching design that will absolutely flatter your figure. A dress like this is one of those items of clothing that allows you to grab the attention when you walk into a room and never let it go, no matter what the weather is like outside. As with all of our other clothing, we make sure that we offer products made out of the best materials. For example, this dress is 59% Rayon, 38% polyester and 3% spandex. Of course, here at shop daisy lane, you can get this dress for less than half of what it would cost elsewhere.

Winter Affordable Dresses for Women

Navy Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress

This dress is called a “Navy Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress” due to the bold, striking blue navy color. However, “navy” would be an appropriate name for this dress anyway as you’ll enter any situation in this dress like you were an invading force. All kinds of fierce, this dress makes sure you not only look great, you look powerful, too. If you were to get this fantastic dress elsewhere, you’d have to spend $55. Here, you can get it for $18. Instead of having to spend more, you can get a dress you’ll look good in anywhere for the price of going to a movie.

Boho Chic

As long as there are bohemians, “Boho” dresses won’t ever go out of style. We offer a “Black Long Sleeve Printed Boho Dress” that absolutely combined bohemian style with a modern design. This is one of those dresses that you can wear in essentially any situation. You can wear it out with friends, you can wear it to work – basically, you can wear this dress anywhere you’d like to look your best. It covers your arms while accentuating your legs, giving you a defining look. Made of 100% Rayon, this is a dress that you can wear for a long period of time.

Cold Days, Bright Colors

During the winter, depending on where you are in the country, it’s easy to get a little down and depressed during the cold months. That’s not to say that you’ll fall prey to seasonal affective disorder, just that it’s natural to not feel great when you can’t enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities without getting too cold. Of course, just because it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean you have to wear muted colors. Many of our most popular newest dresses are great for the winter months but are actually bright and vibrant.

This particular dress is long in multiple places but has a light pink that absolutely defines “spring.” Indeed, the floral design on these dresses signifies renewal, a reminder that spring isn’t that far away. No matter how gloomy and grey the sky may be outside, you’ll be a bright spot wherever you go in this attention-grabbing dress. Whenever people say “look on the bright side,” they could mean this dress.

This dress, like so many of our others, fits true to size. That means that when we say it’s a “small,” “medium,” or “large,” it actually is those particular sizes. You can trust those words to mean what they say. We know how frustrating it can be to order a dress online that you thought was a “medium,” only to find that the online store’s definition of “medium” is so much smaller than anyone could reasonably assume. We wouldn’t do that to our customers, and make sure that our sizes are defined properly.

The dresses in this blog are just a taste of the many different kinds of dresses and rompers that you can wear in the winter months. With many of them, yes, you’d want to wear a coat over them as you go out into the cold. But, when the temperatures do warm up, you can wear these dresses out proudly when you go about your day. To see everything that we have to offer you in any season, head to our website or Stop at one of our store in daisy lane San Clemente or daisy lane Balboa Island 


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