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The Beauty of a Dream Catcher

Sofia Harris

Posted on October 02 2020

The Beauty of a Dream Catcher

Dream catchers have been keeping people nightmare free since the 1980s when they began to be used by people everywhere. They are beautifully decorative and can bring a sense of good spirit to your home. Daisy Lane appreciates the intricate beauty of the dreamcatcher, which is why we just put some back in stock! A dream catcher not only will help your dreams stay out of the nightmare zone, but it makes the perfect decorative piece. 

Shop from a variety of dream catchers on Daisy Lane. From mini dream catchers to the biggest we have, there is a Daisy Lane dream catcher for everyone. Our new dream catchers come in four sizes. The mini, the small, the medium and the large. The mini dream catcher is perfect to give as a fun gift to a friend, or to hang by your bed for a more subtle look. The small dream catcher has little dream catchers attached to the main one, for a unique look in your home. Feathers and beads adorn these little ones for that fun, free spirited look.

The medium and large dream catchers are for our bold Daisy Lane customers. Like the small size, the medium dream catcher has four smaller dream catchers cascading off the main one. This will look beautiful hung on a wall, or as the forefront of your home decor. The large dream catcher is made up of crochet, and like the other smaller sizes, has plenty of feathers hanging off for that bohemian vibe. The crochet holding the dream catcher together makes for a different twist on a classic dream catcher. Shop these beautiful and decorative dream catchers at Daisy Lane today.


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