Small Business Support

Daisy Lane wants to thank you for being a loyal customer! We are so grateful to have our customers. COVID-19 certainly revealed how crucial, yet fragile, small businesses can be. Some made it out of this pandemic and others did not unfortunately. So, we have you to thank for making it out of 2020 because of your support. 

We want to continue to support small business and encourage others to do so as well. Not only would our business not have survived without the support of you all, but our dedicated employees and sales associates would be without jobs, had it not been for you. 

Here, we will provide a resource for all of our customers in the Orange County area, or wherever you may be, to connect on small businesses. You may leave comments, questions, concerns or thanks below! And in return, we'll let you know if we are doing any sales, events or changes to our stores! We just want to connect with our customer base. And we have the ability to do that because we are a small business. 

Daisy Lane is all about customer service and genuinely connecting with our customers. We thank you all so much for your loyalty and support. All we can do is give you the same in return. Thanks for giving back.